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Come to enjoy the attractions of Apulia

Apulia is located in the South of Italy. It is the south-easternmost region of the Italian peninsula whereof colours win travellers’ love.

Apulia is a sort of kaleidoscope, made up of the marine blue of Adriatic and Ionian seas; the brilliant green of Umbra Forest, i.e. the bigger green space of the region; the gold-yellow of wheat fields in Capitanata; the blinding white of old town centres of Itria Valley; the silver leaves of olive trees throughout the region.

You have to come and see this great rainbow!

Greek, Roman, Byzantines, Balkan: many cultures left their footprints on the region and the creations of this melting pot are for example Trani’s Cathedral or the evocative ‘Tree of Life’, the extraordinary floor mosaic in the Cathedral of Otranto, chosen to represent the Italian Pavillon at Expo 2015 (event on nutrition held in Milan in 2015). These, and other masterpieces, will really transmit you a sense of solemnity you cannot forget.

In Apulia there are 2 airports (Bari and Brindisi), and thank to Trenitalia, it is also reachable by train. My region is quite rich of attractions to enjoy in a weekend, during few days or long holidays. Anyway I suggest you to focus better on a small area and travel it slowly.

Concerning Apulian natural beauties you cannot miss the thick Umbra Forest, the famous Castellana Caves, i.e. the most beautiful karstic artwork of Apulia and the wide shores of Salento. Then, don’t miss the Itria Valley and do sleep – at least a night – in a trullo! I also suggest the impressive skyline of Castel del Monte and finally you cannot leave away without tasting Apulian traditional dishes, such as orecchiette, friselle, pettole, taralli and many other food delights: I’m sure that our cucina povera will conquer you!

Despite all these tourist attractions, Apulia is not seen as a world destination of mass tourism. Maybe fortunately. Anyway, important acknowledgments are coming. In 2013 Apulia was one of the ‘Top ten wine travel destination in the world‘. This year National Geographic mentioned Apulia among the 10 ‘Best value travel destinations in the world for 2014‘: all this international support has played an important role for Apulia participation at the BTO, the international event on Travel 2.0.

Hoping that this post tickles your fancy about Apulia, I invite you all to my region!


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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