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Putignano Carnival

Putignano Carnival, the longest and one of the oldest Carnival of Europe

In Italy the month of February means Carnival and Apulia is rich of Carnival celebrations: the celebration of this feast has ancient roots and long traditions in Apulian towns, such as Manfredonia, Massafra, Gallipoli and so on.

Anyway Putignano Carnival is unique in the world, because it is one of the oldest Carnivals in the world.

Arrived at its 628th edition, the Carnival in Putignano has been celebrating since 1394: in that year – on the 26th December – St Stephen’s relics were brought from Monopoli to Putignano.

On this occasion many peasants working in the vineyards used to abandon their work to follow the procession.

Once arrived, people celebrated the arrival of St Stephen’s relics with songs, dances… and improvising ironical verses: this event gave life to the tradition of Propaggini, which still nowadays kicks off Putignano Carnival on the 26th December.

The great papier-mache floats are obviously the main attraction.

Putignano Carnival has a different theme every year.

I really suggest a stay in Putignano in this period, when beyond Carnival celebrations, you can enjoy relaxing time in its surroundings, such as doing sport in the Alta Murgia National Park or visiting the famous Castel del Monte.

Are you a bit lazy? No problem, I have a tip also for you: you can taste typical Apulian Carnival dishes, such as chiacchiere and bocconotti.

What are you waiting for? Come here and enjoy Carnival time in Apulia!


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