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Skiing in Lombardy Alps - Italy

Best places for skiing in the Alps in Lombardy region

If you are fond of skiing you’ll know pretty well that this is definitely the best time of the year for spending a winter holiday and going skiing. Temperatures are getting warmer, day light is getting longer. Ever considered skiing in Lombardy?

In Lombardy there are some of the most well-known Italian ski resorts. The northern part of the region is indeed nestled between the Alps and the Prealps, which makes it the ideal place for ski lovers. What’s more they are cheaper than other common European ski locations and – last but not least – they are close to Milan Orio al Serio airport, that provides many low-cost connections to and from all over Europe.

With more than 70 ski resorts, 100 mountain peaks over 3,000 m, 390 ski lifts and 12,300 km of ski slopes (590 km for cross-country ski), the possibilities for skiing in Lombardy are many.

Do you need help on where to go skiing in Lombardy?

Here are a short introduction to the most important ski resorts, scattered among the provinces of Sondrio, Bergamo and Brescia.

Sondrio area

Due to its position close to the Alps, the province of Sondrio offers the most extended ski resorts in Lombardy. Its valleys, Valtellina and Valchiavenna, host important ski resorts like Aprica, Madesimo, Valmalenco, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Livigno and Bormio.

Hot springs in Bormio were already known at the Roman time

In particular:

  • Aprica has more than 50 km of ski slopes, 4 ski areas, a snowboard park, fields for ice-skating and walls for ice-climbing. A few miles from the center there are even some trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ski touring. The Ski World Cup took place here for 3 times in the past.
  • Madesimo has over 60 km of slopes, many circuits for cross-country, snowmobiles and snow-kite too. In the ski resort of Madesimo European Ski Cup competitions (slalom skiing and giant slalom) were held.
  • Livigno (one of the highest Italian towns) hosts a lot of tourists looking for a winter holiday. It is possible to ski up to 2,800 m, which means that the conditions of the snow are often excellent (artificial snow is only seldom necessary). Furthermore Livigno is a duty-free area.
  • Bormio: well-known for its excellent ski slopes, Ski World Cup often takes place here. In addition to skiing Bormio is famous also for its hot springs, mentioned since the time of the ancient Romans.

Bergamo area

The province of Bergamo, to the North, is surrounded by Prealpi Orobie, the ‘Bergamasque Prealps’, a mountain range of the Alps. With 12 peaks over 2,500 m and 2 main valleys, ski resorts abund also here. They are the closest to the cities of the lowland and therefore easily reachable (in about 1 hour from the city of Bergamo). The main important spots are:

  • Brembo Ski, a ski area made up of 50 km and 14 ski lifts between San Simone, Foppolo and Carona. The ski-pass can be used on all the 3 ski resorts.
  • Piani di Bobbio and Valtorta: not far from Foppolo, between the province of Bergamo and Lecco, it is a plateau ideal also for children and beginners. It can be reached also by cablecar from Barzio.
  • Colere: located in Scalve Valley, it is well-known for its ski slopes. Being close to Presolana Mountain it grants a long-lasting snow cover and magnificient views.
  • Monte Pora: close to Castione della Presolana, a vacation resort attended both in Summer and Winter, it is a massif of the Prealps with a height of 1,880 m. Ski slopes are gentle and the view from its top amazing.
Presena Glacier_Italian Storytellers
In the largest ski area in Lombardy area, Adamello Ski, there is the Presena Glacier

Brescia area

The largest ski area in Lombardy is located in the province of Brescia: it is Adamello Ski, that connects the Tonale Pass and Presena Glacier to the town of Ponte di Legno, a famous holiday resort. With 100 km of slopes and 30 ski lifts, this is the perfect spot for a winter holiday.

Tonale is one of the few places in Italy where it is possible to ski also in Summer, along the slope of the Presena Glacier. Small ski resorts are located near Gavia and Maniva Pass as well. Another ski resort worth mentioning is surely Monte Campione, commonly considered one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Lombardy (and one of my favourites too). There are 30 different kind of slopes, both for beginners and expert skiers. From its top you can enjoy an amazing view on the Iseo Lake.


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