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Happy Birthday Italian Storytellers

Celebrate with us the 2nd anniversary of Italian Storytellers!

I am here in front of my laptop thinking about the last two years.

When the idea of Italian Storytellers came to my mind, it had no name. Some days ago I found my notes about the original idea: it was totally different to what Italian Storytellers actually became!

I worked on the project about one year and I launched it on 21st January 2014. Originally Italian Storytellers was very similar to a magazine where you could find articles about Italy and what to do written by some Italian bloggers. A blog where to collect stories coming from many parts of Italy. Among these stories you wouldn’t find the most crowded Italian destinations, we talked about different places you could not image they exist.

I thought – and I still believe – that an Italian can tell about Italy better than anyone else. I mean, only we can describe how special is a Sunday spent with our own family preparing a yummy lunch together and eating it then. Only we deeply know our traditions and from where they come out. Maybe we don’t know when the Romans conquered Italy, but every Italian knows how to cook spaghetti. It is something that flows in our veins. It is written in our chromosomes. Ok, I’m kidding, but traditions and culture are part of us and we put them into every single thing we do. In my first article published on this blog I wrote:

What foreigners don’t realise is that ‘Made in Italy’ brand is made of people, tradition, culture. It is made of Italy.

Isn’t that true?

Experience Italy

The last summer I started to think that a simple blog was not enough. My dream is that if you come to Italy you can experience it in the same way we live it every day. After all our claim is ‘living like a local’.

So I totally changed the website layout. No more a magazine, but a place where to find stories, information and much more about Italy. A real point of reference for those who are planning a holiday to our country. That’s why you can now find 8 categories on our homepage.

Do you like art & culture? Do you go crazy for Italian food? Are you planning to get married in Italy? Just click the related button.

This is our first news for 2016: Italian Storytellers wants to become as well as a container of stories also a source of truly Italian experiences, the experiences you as a traveller in Italy may be looking for.

In the next months we will fill each category with a list of experiences (tested for you!) which are in line with our mission. I would like to offer you something special that let you get in touch deeply with our culture, our traditions and our habits.

Being Italian I can recognize what is created for tourists and what is an authentic experience. Italian Storytellers aims to show what is under the surface that everybody knows.

Are you a tour operator? Do you offer services in the tourism field? Do you offer authentic Italian experiences? Contact us!

Show your Italy!

You can help us to show Italy to our followers. How? Using our hashtags: #Italyness and #NotOnlySpaghetti.

I already explained why these two hashtags were born and you can read it here. I would like to collect as many pictures as possible and see Italy through your eyes. Shall we start?

I will repost them on our social profiles, mostly on Instagram.

How to plan a holiday to Italy?

This is the question I will try to answer with a specific section on the website that I will publish in the next months.

I will collect all the information you need to arrange your trip to Italy and then your holiday when you will be here. By our advice we will try not to get you in trouble and to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as honey.

Do you have any question? Write it down below leaving a comment.

News on Italian Storytellers’ blog

You can tell stories in many different ways. Probably you will use the words to tell your stories.

I thought about this quite a lot and I would like to offer something different to you. I started to think about you, you who don’t live in Italy or have never been here, and what you cannot experience staying many kilometers away from here. I try to put myself in your shoes and I realised that to let you live our experiences I have sounds, images, videos and feelings at my disposal.

What does this mean? Continue to follow us to discover it!

Brand new appointments are ready to come on Italian Storytellers‘ blog. Which ones?


The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Italy is food? You will be glad to know that from the next week you will find stories about the most famous Italian recipes.

We will cover all the Italian regions to let you discover the most famous regional dishes. Each story will let you know the traditions, territories, ingredients related to a recipe and if you subscribe to the reserved newsletter you will receive the real recipe to make the dish on your own. The recipe will include advice by a chef and a regional wine suggested by a sommelier.

Are you ready to eat?

What’s on in Italy?

If you are planning a holiday to Italy, maybe you are interested in what to do when you will be here. Along the peninsula there are events all the year round. Maybe some of them are world-famous, like Milan Fashion Week, and maybe some others are known by Italians only.

We will select for you the events you cannot miss in the next month and you will find the article every last Tuesday of the month. The first article will be on the blog on 26th January.

We already talked about Italian festival and celebrations on the blog, would you like to take a look?

Welcome to Italy!

As I wrote before I think that Italy told by Italians is the best way to know our country. It is not totally true. Why? Because who comes from abroad recognises the differences between Italy and his/her country.

This is a special point of view and I would like to give it a special space on Italian Storytellers‘ blog by making an interview to bloggers whose blog’s subject is Italy.

Are you a blogger? Write me to be chosen for an interview!

Looking for new partnerships

Italian Storytellers is always open to new partnerships.

If you like to write about Italy or you know a person who will like to do it, click on this link and fill in the form you will find in the page.

If you are a company and you work in the tourism field, we have many proposals for you. Are you interested? Write us an email.

We will wait for you in the next days because we have another surprise. Keep in touch!


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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