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Riviera del Conero Marche Italy

Do you like beach but mountain too? Keep calm and come to Le Marche region.

From north until Gargano, Conero is the unic mountain of the Adriatic Coast. With a height of 572 metres Conero dominates Marche’s landscape. You can see its figure from most of the cities in the South of the region.

Beaches and sea

Conero has a lot of beautiful beaches, with white little stones contrasting the turquoise color of the sea (most of them have the European Blue flag). Beaches are small, wild and not very easy to reach. You usually have to walk 10/15 minutes to get there, but the way, inside the Mediterranea maquis, is very suggestive.

It is not easy to decide which beach is the best, they are so different one from each other, but one of my favorite is the Mezzavalle beach. If you prefer more confortable beaches, the Riviera del Conero’s cities such as Porto Recanati and Porto Potenza, have a very good equipped ones.

Riviera del Conero - Marche
Due sorelle (i.e. two sisters) rocs seen from the Passo del Lupo

Sport and nature

Conero beaches are the ideal places for sport lovers: sailor, windsurf and kite surfers, the wind usually blows at an average speed of 15 knots, but also scuba diving and canoeing activities.

The Conero Park have many hiking trails, one of the most suggestive is the Passo del Lupo (it was the oldest and not more viable way to get to the Due Sorelle beach. You can arrive up to the Belvedere and have one of the most beautiful and suggestive view of Le Marche region.

Conero is synonymous of summer, but in every season there is a good reason to enjoy it, just for a walk in the lovely hamlets of Numana and Sirolo.


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  1. Le Marche is definitely the place to go if you are fond of admiring gorgeous natural landscapes.

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