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Aosta Valley Events

From spreading culture by bicycle to meetings about local cultural heritage.

Usually we associate Aosta Valley only to beautiful sceneries and relaxing holidays in nature. Instead, this small region can offer cultural opportunities.

As we know, May is the ‘Giro d’Italia‘ month, the well-known sport event for cycling lovers. This year Aosta Valley will not be passed through by the official Tour, but it is an important stage for another kind of Giro.

It is called ‘Giro d’Italia in 80 bookstores‘ and is a cultural cycle relay starting in Aosta on May 2nd and concluding in Rome on June 21st. 4 “official cycles” will ride about 2.000 km along Italy. Many writers and artists will alternate in the saddle along the Franchigena route, as to draw a direct line among bookstores, schools, libraries and amazing natural landscapes. You can follow the tour on Facebook and Twitter checking the hashtag #Giro80.

Aosta Valley events
In Chanoux Square during the Festival Les Mots you can find this outdoor bookstore

Lonely Planet’s father, Tony Wheeler, is one of the 100 artists who will bring culture throughout Italy. Each of the 28 stages includes creative events to discover together the environment, the culture and the beauty of our ‘Belpaese‘: guided tours to museums or archeological sites, participating to literature readings with blindfolded eyes, music and literature labs for kids are only few of the several activities you can join.

Aosta in those days will host another cultural event, the Festival ‘Les mots (Festival of the words), until May 4th. The city will be animated by an ‘outdoor bookstore’ open all day long and by interesting activities as meetings about local culture, lexical heritage, musical shows and literature readings.


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