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Need to know when visiting Italy

The title is not choosen by chance.

In our country Italy is really all around you.

The idea of this article was born after something that happened to me. During a B2B event I spent a few days among buyers from abroad. We travelled around Lazio region on an educational tour to discover vineyards and cheese factories. While I was taking a photo one of the buyers told me: ‘It is hard to choose what to take a picture of. Everything is so beautiful that you would have to take a picture of everything.’

I tought about this and I realized that each millimetre of Italy is worth a picture. I swear it!

When you visit Italy you simply need to slow down and start to relax. Only in this way you will be able to enjoy every different aspect of our country. Look carefully at what is around you and try to catch every single moment you will spend in Italy, so that you will miss nothing.

Italy is not just famous destinations or great museums. Italy is a treasure chest which you can open, if you are conscious of where you are. When you choose Italy for your holidays, you have to search information on where are you going and what to do there. Avoid such a tourist acritivities and leave at home what you learned about Italy.

You will find something inexpected.

Italy is like a puzzle: every piece has its importance and it is impossibile to complete the puzzle without it. When you visit an Italian place or destination, you cannot do without experiencing our lifestyle and our traditions.

Need to know when visiting Italy

I think of America and its big spaces and distances. Italy is the opposite. We have many hamlets dating back to ancient times and there everything tells stories that are gone by. Nevertheless, you have to be able to listen to them, otherwise you will return back home just with a few banal things.

I always discover something new about my country through the stories of local people. That is why Italy is so fascinating and charming. Every time it appears in a new guise: the same place is never the same you have seen before. You just have to pay attention to what happens around you.

I do not want to be too mushy or flag-waving, but believe me … I am Italian and I am really proud to be born here, despite all the problems and negative characteristics (which country does no have them?)

Need to know when visiting Italy

Everywhere in Italy you can feel the voices of great conquerors. Everywhere you can imagine how many important people walked along the streets where you normally drive your car. Everywhere you can taste products coming from the countryside.

If you stop for a while and you think about it, you will not be able to find another country as rich in history, art, food, fashion and many other things that make Italy one of the most coveted place to visit in the world.

I love Italy and I hope you will love it too after you visited it!


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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