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Best Verdicchio wines

A white wine made in Marche and probably one of the most famous abroad.

Verdicchio is a very tipical wine in Le Marche region. A tour in its land is a mix of food, relaxing landscapes, historical cities and, of course,very good wine.

There are two kinds of Verdicchio: the Verdicchio of Matelica, made in the Macerata’s province around the Matelica city, and the most famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, made further north in the province of Ancona.

In the Italian language Verdicchio sounds as ‘green’ (i.e. verde) because a brilliant light green is the characteristic grapes color. Verdicchio is a wine with strong personality. It has got an high alcohol degrees (12/14 degrees) and can be aged as red wines. It has features very similar to the best and well known French white wines.

A tour around Verdicchio land is very interesting also for the lovely medieval hamlets that you can visit. The landscape is characterized by rolling hills, where vineyards are mixed with oil trees, sunflowers and wheat in the summer. To move from a city to another, I suggest to use a car because by public transport is more complicated: the car trip is very pleasant and relaxing.

 You cannot miss the ‘borghi’

In Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi land there are a lot of nice small cites to visit. They are very close to each other, so in one day is possible to reach a lot of them.

Best Verdicchio wines
The medieval street of Serra San Quirico is called ‘Copertelle’

Along the road look at the store signals, you will meet so many wineries, and most of them have the possibility to taste wine with typical local food and to buy it directly.

Cupramontana is the capital of the Verdicchio. In the fall (usually at the end of September) it takes place there the biggest party dedicated to the Verdicchio wine. The view from Staffolo is amazing, the city has called the ‘Vallesina balcony’ because you can see a huge landscape until the sea. Serra San Quirico is famous for a special medieval covered street called Le Copertelle. It is very suggestive and perfect for taking photos. In Montecarotto don’t miss the historical theatre and the Postal museum on his underground floor.

But, first off all, don’t forget to taste and enjoy Verdicchio!


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