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Pink Night 2014

Notte Rosa, the most important event during the summer season in Emilia Romagna

Here we go, missing very little to one of the most anticipated summer events in Romagna: Pink Night (Notte rosa), an event now known throughout Italy and the world and that from Friday, July 4th until Saturday 5 will see the Adriatic coast from Ravenna to Cattolica tinged with pink.

Yes you read right. Everything will be colored pink and for those who come from abroad and have never seen this event could be something strange and almost carnivalesque.

Italian Passion, the theme 2014

The theme chosen this year is the Italian Passion for what is regarded as the New Year’s eve of Italian Summer. Rimini, as always, will play the role of the Queen and the city’s waterfront will take a great deal of music, theater and gastronomy.

Ready to see the fireworks tinged with pink at midnight on Saturday, July 4th?

Browsing on the official web you will download the entire program and decide where best to spend these two days all pink.

The Program, Friday 4th

Personally, however, I want to list the main events of the most famous Adriatic coast towns.

In Rimini in Piazzale Fellini not miss the concert of the singer Elisa, while at Piazzale Roma in Riccione there will be the show’s choreography dancer Raffaele Paganini. A part of the Ravenna festival you will find the artist Claudio Dj set Coccoluto while in Cesenatico will have the opportunity to hear a concert by the guitarist and songwriter Alex Britti along with the Big Band of Paolo Belli.

The inevitable presence of the King of Liscio music, Mirko Casadei and his orchestra that will cheer the evening of Saturday in Gatteo in piazza Romagna Mia.

Pink Night 2014
Everything is pink during the Pink night, also the fireworks!

At midnight do not miss the appointment with the fireworks that paint rose the Adriatic Coast. A thrilling fireworks display that is worth the trip to Rimini or any other city of the Adriatic coast overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

As anticipated everything will be dyed pink, so do not be surprised if going to eat a classic piadina this course will be served pink in color.

Saturday 5th

In the evening, in Riccione (piazza Roma) will perform the singer Francesco Renga while in Bellaria Igea Marina will stage the Notte Rosa Children with cartoon characters most loved by children as the Winx or the Pimpa.

The historic center of Rimini will actively participate in a series of cultural activities at its civic museums in via Tonini.

Do not miss the food tasting, for example in Rimini Marina Centre, guests can taste the ice cream flavored with Parmesan cheese and Parma ham.


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