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Green Train Sardinia

A journey through small villages, forests and waterways on the Green train in Sardinia.

This small train, green coloured, runs over an old railway track used in the past to connect the mountains to the coast, through unique scenery, preserved by the provinces of Cagliari and Ogliastra.

Along the way you can admire track maintenance houses, very small stations, the Flumendosa Lake, woods, bridges, limestones and wild places.

In the 20’s the English writer David Herbert Lawrence was fascinated by the train and described his experience in the book ‘Sea and Sardinia’, focused on his trip to the island.

The wagons, powered by a diesel engine and on some occasions even with the old steam system, leave the plains to climb the mountains (800 metres high), offering tourists the chance to get off at different stations and in some places they can take part in specific tours to discover the place.

An example?

At the station Niala – Ussassai you can visit the forest of Montarbu and the waterfalls inside it, then you can taste sardinian dishes at the restaurant hidden among the foliage.

Not to be missed stops

Before leaving, I suggest you to visit the beautiful red granite rocks of Arbatax, near the railway station.

Along the track the places worth to be visited, in my opinion, are Niala for its natural environment, Seui and its ethnographic museum and the small village of Sadali because of its fountains and waterfalls.

However, each station has something special to offer, such as a particular view, a path in the woods or a nice visit to the historical centre of the village.

Green Train Sardinia
Immersed into a lush vegetation, the Green Train in Sardinia drives along the longest Italian tourist line.

Tourist information

To complete the longest Italian tourist line (159 km long from the port of Arbatax to Mandas station), it takes 5 hours because the speed is moderate.

The price of the ticket is 26.00 Euro round trip, however the price changes depending on the arrival station of your choice.

You can leave early in the morning or in the afternoon, both from Arbatax or from Mandas.

For further information, please visit the official website of the Trenino Verde or contact the railway stations of Arbatax and Mandas.

The Trenino Verde is also active in other areas of Sardinia. Discover the other tracks in the catalogue.


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