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Sensational Umbria - Steve McCurry

The genuine, authentic soul of Umbria.

I’m not talking about a classical photographic exhibition, this is a guided tour through this little region and its genuine, sincere nature: medieval towns, landscapes, mystic places and precious instants of that daily life that still conserves stories, traditions and ancient vocations.

The exhibition, organized and sponsored by Umbria Region and held in Perugia until next 5th October, is composed by 100 pictures taken by Steve McCurry during different journeys; his photographic campaign has been organized around 7 major themes and just as many itineraries, proposed to head visitors to the discovery of Umbria by following his footsteps.

Steve McCurry’s journey crosses art villages and cities, colours and sounds of celebrations and festivals, paths of the soul and traces of modernity, follows the man in movement between nature and landscape, admires the excellence of making and tastes the flavors of the tradition.

This exhibition communicates the fascination that this land and its people have created on the artist, and his photography narrates human emotions and deep values of past, present and future.

The exhibition itinerary, indeed, starts with a marvelous praise to Umbria:

One of the great things about Umbria and Italy is that it’s a very unique special part of the world, full of art, great culture, food, wine, wonderful landscape and rich hospitality

The exhibit is largely located inside the ex Fatebenefratelli hospital, now expressly improved and set up for the special event, while the Museum of Palazzo della Penna houses other photos taken by McCurry’s personal archive.

For the first time in Italy, he looked after the whole artistic organization and the fitting of the exhibit, that will surprise you with the contrast between the dark room and the sparkling pictures placed on the floor.

The equipment is modulate and readaptable, realized with environmentally-friendly materials, thought for the energy saving and eco-sustainability.

Are you planning your trip in Umbria? Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity, let’s visit the official website.


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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