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Thermal baths Lazio

Free thermal baths in Lazio are waiting for you.

At ancient Rome’s time, the Baths – great invention of the ancient Romans – were not only a place of well-being, but also of meetings, appointments… and they were accessible to everyone. In the northern part of Lazio this tradition is still alive, in fact there are natural hot springs which can be accessed freely, where it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of these special waters.

The thermal baths of Bullicame

Also nominated by Dante Alighieri, this ancient spa site is located a few kilometers from Viterbo, in northern Lazio. One of the most abundant sulfur springs of Italy, and the most famous for the therapeutic qualities of the water.

The baths are in the homonymous park, inside a huge crater in white, next to which is placed a stele on which are written the verses of the Divine Comedy dedicated to this area. The water here reaches 136°F (58° Celsius), so you can bathe throughout the year. Three pools surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The complex also contains the Bagnaccio and the Carletti Pools, both free-of-charge.

Spoilt for choice!

The Baths of Viterbo

Also called ‘Masse di San Sisto‘, again in the areas of Viterbo, have 2 pools, a hot one and a warm one (18 ° C), which grants you the chance of testing the temperature difference between the two.

The beautiful thing of these spas is that the tanks are always open, even at night, and at that time they are extremely suggestive. However, before visiting these spas is good to learn if they are accessible, as it may happen that the access is temporarily forbidden.

Ficoncella Baths

Located 4 km from Civitavecchia, they take their name from the presence of a wild fig tree located on the top of the hill. Here we find the spa showers and pools. In 5 large tanks are then conveyed hyperthermal sulphurous waters, which water is though extremely hot. A short distance away is possible to visit the Roman ruins of the ancient ‘Terme Taurine‘.

In short, Lazio offers many opportunities to enjoy healthful baths and spend pleasant days outdoors, away from the chaos of the city.

Now all that’s left is to travel!


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