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Molise Traditional Food

A brand new region: Molise.

Molise exists.

It may seem like a trivial thing but it’s what I’m fighting for. Many people say that Molise does not exist, but they are wrong.
Molise exists and it is beautiful, full of nature, mountains, lakes and medieval villages.

I was born in Campobasso which is the capital of the region. I love my city because it allows me to live a quiet life, but I don’t miss anything. If you come to Molise, you absolutely have to live some experiences and first of all you have to taste our traditional cuisine and homemade dishes. Today I’d like to tell you about this.

I recommend the cavatelli, a kind of pasta usually cooked with tomato sauce and meat. We use to eat it during the Sunday lunch when all family members get together.

You could learn the movement to create them, but only a grandmother can teach it.

You can try our cavatelli in one of several family restaurants that prepare simple but tasty dishes. They are everywhere!

I suggest you to try the pizza e minestra that is one of the poorest dishes of the tradition of Molise. This dish consists of a mixture of boiled vegetables mixed with a dough made with corn flour. I confess, I prefer it with a bit of hot pepper. In the most authentic restaurants you will find the pasta with wild boar and I can assure you that will not easily forget this dish. There are 2 variations: with tomato sauce or white.

Our entrees usually consist of a mixture of savory patties, mozzarella, omelettes, bruschette, soups and hams. Don’t forget that the bread is almost always a home made bread.

One of my favorite celebrations is St. Joseph’s day because in some villages as many as 19 dishes are served. The story says that this tradition was born to feed poor people who took refuge in the homes of other people. The dishes start from various appetizers up to the desserts. The typical dessert of this celebration is rice with milk and now you’re thinking that it’s not good, but I assure you it is really great! My grandmother usually adds to it a little bit of cinnamon to give it more flavor. The result is a creamy and tasty dessert. I was going to forget a key ingredient: wine.

Now you can imagine yourself after a meal of 19 dishes and think that there will always be some old person ready to tell you that you have not eaten enough.

Are you ready? We wait for you at the table!


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

3 Replies to “Molise does exist”

  1. We have just had charmign Italian visitors to our home for dinner one of whom was originally from Molise. Hopefully we can visit this area soon.

  2. Of course Molise exists! Who could say that it does not?! My maternal grandmother came with her family from Campobasso, and I have visited there. I’ve also been to the beautiful city of Termoli, and I’ve had delicious food in Boiano. I will be going back there at the end of this year! Eviva Molise!

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