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Visit Alghero Sardinia

Alghero, a must-see destination in North Sardinia

The seaside town of Alghero is located on the Western coast of Sardinia in the province of Sassari and is well known with the name of ‘Barceloneta‘, because of its dialect coming from the Catalan language, due to the past Aragonese domination.

It is, also, the most important town of the Coral Riviera, a very famous area for the presence of red corals and their processing.

The old town is surrounded by massive walls and 7 towers, dating back to the 16th century. In some places these walls overlook the sea below.

What to see in the town centre

Every season is the right period to walk through the narrow streets of Alghero and to discover beautiful corners in the town centre.

Walking on the pebbles, you can venture out to explore the 7 towers of Sardinia island, some of which are now venues for exhibitions and events. The most impressive is the tower Sulis, which overlooks the square, loved by tourists and residents.

Following the route of the wall you can admire the blue of the sea and the houses that overlook the marina. The area of the ramparts is, also, full of bars where you can enjoy a good coffee, immersed in the movida of Alghero.

The Spanish imprint of buildings such as Palazzo Ferrera, Palazzo Machin and Palazzo Guillot, the important Piazza Civica, the coloured dome of the Baroque Church of San Michele and the majesty of the Cathedral of Santa Maria, will make you fall in love with this Sardinian pearl.

If you like doing shopping, in the historic centre you will find designer clothes shops, typical products of Sardinian handicrafts,  jewelery enriched by red coral and much more.

To dive deeper into local tradition, you can visit the Coral Museum and the town’s Archaeological Museum.

Surroundings of Alghero

Nearby Alghero unique and breathtaking places offer you further unforgettable sightseeing experiences.

In summer you can enjoy the sun on the beaches of Bombarde, Lazzaretto, Lido of Alghero, Dragunara, Porto Conte and much more. If you prefer views and caves, you have to go to the promontory of Capo Caccia, on the North, to walk on cliffs or to reach the caves of Neptune, by sea or by foot using the stairs.

For one last visit to a place full of charm and mystery, the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju is the right place for you.

Visit Alghero Sardinia
The Sulis Tower in Alghero is now a place for events and exhibitions.

My personal recommendations

I have been several times in Alghero, this testifies my love for this coastal town, so I want to advise you with the not to be missed places and activities in this area:

  • for relaxation in the town, you can sit on benches in the park “Giuseppe Manno“, near Piazza Porta Terra;
  • you can hop on a train that takes you to Sassari through a picturesque and pleasant route;
  • walk with eyes upward to read street names in Italian and in Catalan language;
  • in the bay of Porto Conte you can enjoy windsurfing;
  • take part in a boat ride on the sea in front of Alghero.


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