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We started a new adventure.

I started this adventure on January 2014 with the aim to tell Italy in a ‘living like a local’ way.

I grouped some bloggers and gave them the possibility to describe their experiences or their best-beloved places. We talked about many Italian aspects and we wrote more than 100 articles. We took part into the most important Italian travel blogger events as media partner, we were involved in different tours throughout Italy and cooperated with many companies.

2 years have passed and many things have changed.

The only thing that has remained unchanged is the love for our country and the desire to make you discover Italian places. This is the reason why I decided to offer much more than simple stories.

What is changed?

First of all the layout of the web site. The homepage is now made up of a section where you can choose your favourite experiences among ‘Art & Culture’, ‘Food & Wine’, ‘Swimming & Sunbathing’, ‘Made in Italy’, ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Nature & Sports’, ‘Weddings’ and ‘LGBT’. Then you have the Newsletter, the Italian Storytellers’ team and the contact form at our fingertips.

I would like to transform Italian Storytellers giving the possibility to buy services directly for those people who are planning an holiday in Italy. In each category you will find a range of services and you can choose among them. You can enjoy helpful customer assistance and you will never be left alone. Do you have any problems? Just ask us!

In our blog there are not only stories, but a list of useful information if you are coming to Italy and staying here. A point of reference for your holiday in Italy full of suggestions about where to go and what to do, advice about behaviour and laws.

Experience Italy with us!

There are million things you can do in Italy and you have not to miss them at all. For this reason you need to stay in touch with us subscribing our newsletter. You will receive in your email ideas about where to spend your holiday, useful resources, events to not miss, news about Italian Storytellers and much more. We will not annoy you… it’s a promise!

If you are following us on Instagram, maybe you already know we have started to use 2 hashtags:

  • #Italyness
  • #NotOnlySpaghetti.

We are conscious that it is (maybe) a nonsense, but we want to create a noun to enclose what being Italian means. The other one was born by reading English articles and listening to foreigners about Italian food: most of them don’t know our cuisine includes a wide variety of dishes. Thus share your pics about Italy using these 2 hashtags and we will repost your pic.

Finally if you want to tell us about your experience in Italy we will be glad to host it in our blog.

We hope you really enjoy the new web site and what we will offer in it.

And remember to experience Italy!


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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