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In Umbria for Italian extra virgin olive oil tasting.

I have been so many times in Umbria. Actually I graduated in Umbria. For that reason I lived in Assisi (25 km far from Perugia). I spent 3 years there and I know the region quite enough. I mean, if you ask me what to visit throughout the region and what to do, I can suggest you some nice places to go, but honestly I have visited only few places.

That’s why I accepted to take part into a tour organized by ‘Frantoi aperti’ (i.e. Open olive mills), so I could learn something about a new area: Campello sul Clitunno (not far from the more famous Spoleto) and the olive mills in the surroundings.

Since 1997 ‘Frantoi aperti’ has been organized by ‘Strada dell’olio D.O.P. Umbria‘ (i.e. D.O.P. Umbrian oil route) with the aim of increasing one’s awareness of a lifestyle connected with the countryside, the traditions, the rural culture starting from the olives harvesting and the production of Umbrian olive oil revitalized by the modern digital tools, like social networks. As you can read here olive oil is one of the most important products of the Umbria region and the first Italian olive oil to achieve the D.O.P. reward.

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“Riviera Ligure”, an ancient extra virgin olive oil

The “Green Gold”

The land of Verdicchio wine

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When I got the invitation I was a little bit curios, because I like to know Italian food & wine products deeply. I like to understand how they are produced, which is their history and which are their specific characteristics. I love to meet the producers because they are the only ones who can tell you about their product with passion and love and you will remember all they told you every time you put a piece of their product in your mouth. When you listen to them, you can feel their effort and their love for what they are doing. Being farmer it is not the easiest job to do, but it can give you a great satisfaction.

Frantoi aperti‘ starts at the end of October and finishes at the end of November. The event program is very rich and takes place on Saturdays and Sundays in the aforementioned period. Every weekend you can choose one or more little towns where to taste the “Green gold” and where to take part into different activities. Not only visiting olive mills and tasting olive oils, but also feasts, markets, tours and much more.

This time I would just like to give some information about the event I took part into last year. The next time I will lead you to discover what to visit and where to stay. Would you like to know them right now? Click here!

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Tourism is my world. Web marketing is my house. I put them together and I created my current job. I am a freelance and I am dealing with social media, blogging and online marketing especially in tourism field.

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