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Salento by bike

Experience Salento by bike.

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Salento (Puglia) is what we Italians affectionately call “boot’s heel”, being the southernmost (and easternmost) tip of Italy (you probably all know that the Italian peninsula is known as “the boot” because of its shape).

Salento combines well with a lot of things but if there’s something that combines perfectly well is a bike tour. Salento mainly comprises of flat lands and gentle hills, that’s why is particularly suitable to be explored by bike.

When I was asked to go and explore Salento on two wheel I couldn’t but say yes. If you like going by bike just like me you couldn’t but agree with me. Salento and biking are the right combination.

The sun-kissed southern part of Puglia, bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, encompasses a rich culture and history, strong colors and remarkable artistic treasures, together with a breathtaking nature dotted with olive trees and prickly pears as well as fine beaches and panoramic views.

There’s much to discover in Salento and a good idea could be to arrange a vacation of a couple of weeks. The best time of the year is in Spring, Autumn, early and late Summer (I would recommend to skip July and August for a bike tour because temperatures can be really high).

Arranging a bike tour in Salento is easy thanks to the many bike tour companies in the area. I recommend you to fly to Brindisi airport and from there reach Lecce by bus. Lecce is a good starting point for an exploration tour of Salento;  with its amazing artistic treasures (you will see here some of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Italy) consider to spend at least a couple of days to quietly visit and live the city.

Santa Maria di Leuca cathedral
Santa Maria di Leuca is one of the most southern Italian towns.

Many are the possibilities and the suggested bike itineraries, depending on your training level and what you long to see. Many are the options: you can opt for a one day excursion of the city of Lecce and of its surroundings (about 30 km), visiting local villages, natural areas, museums and old religious buildings, with a stop in a masseria (Salento typical countryhouse), a stop by the beach and a tasting of local food and wine, or opt for an excursion of more days, also combining biking and camping (and sleeping in camping sites or agriturismi).

If you are daring you can venture on a weekly trip by bike between Lecce, Otranto (the easternmost tip of Italy), with its beautiful historic center, and cycling among dolmens from the Bronze Age and olive groves until the city of Leuca, the southernmost tip of Puglia, with its amazing grottos overlooking the sea, wide beaches and crystal clear waters. You can visit the old city of Gallipoli, Galatina and its medieval frescoes, the bay of Porto Selvaggio and its natural reserve or the Baroque treasures of Nardò… just to name a few. During your one-week tour you’ll be offered also activities like horseback riding, boat tours sailing, and Italian language courses. The possibilities are endless.

To get more information or start organizing your guided or self-guided bike tour in Salento contact Salento Bici Tour.


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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