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Belice Valley - Sicily

Western Sicily, we are ready to come!

On Italian Storytellers you find some articles about Sicily and what to see and to do in its southern and eastern part.

I have been to Sicily only twice and in a completely different area from the one where I’m going this time.

For this reason I am really curious, I cannot wait to go and to tell everyone what I’m going to find out.

The trip runs between the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento, into the Belice Valley’s area. Our itinerary is very interesting and rich in things to do. We will discover many small villages, some overlooking the blue sea facing Africa, others perched on really particular hills, very old and built with tuff stone.

We will see unique churches and ancient castles, always very characteristic and related to Arab and Norman dominations. We are going to visit also some beautiful protected natural and archaeological parks of western Sicily.

I believe that I will live very intense emotions thanks to this land famous for its charm, where the deep blue sea is mixed up with nature, that sometimes is harsh and a minute after is lush.

I will see the fusion of different cultures that have passed here, like Normans, Greeks, Sicilian, Arab and Spanish, thanks to the architectural mix arrived to the present day, and not only. Traces of these dominations are to be found everywhere, from the cuisine up to the dialect spoken on that big island.

The thing that intrigues me mostly? The ruins of the Greek city of Selinunte and the Torre Salsa‘s natural reserve.

I hope to have enough time to visit Palermo before the return flight, a city with warm colors that fascinates me for its similarities with others which suffered the same rulers, like Sevilla.

I would also like to taste all the local dishes such as fresh fish, almond paste, wine and olive oil.

My arrival in Sicily is scheduled on Friday night, so even during the journey I will tell you my impressions on Italian Storytellers’ social profiles.

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Photo credit: Thomas – Flickr


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