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Scarzuola: off the beaten path in Umbria

An introspective journey in a mysterious place

This is a captivating old story started in 1218, when Saint Francis went to this little place – Montegabbione – and built a little shed by using a swamp plant called ‘Scarza‘, which gave it the name of Scarzuola.

According to the tradition, he planted bushes of roses and bay tree and they turned into a fountain; in order to honour this event, the Counts of Marsciano commissioned the construction of a convent, then bought in 1956 by architect Tomaso Buzzi who decided to restore and transform it.

He wanted to create an ‘ideal town’ near the sacred place, a theatrical machine made of many overlapping machines full of perspective effects, composed by 7 tuff theatres dominated by the Acropolis, the main part of the complex.

The complex is full of symbolisms and mysterious meanings organized around 2 axes, that pass through a labyrinth of temples, towers, an oriental astronomical observatory, monsters and surrealist buildings: everything is a journey in the Buzzi’s unconscious, that invite tourists to reflection accompanied by quotes and mottos.

The complex wasn’t completed by Buzzi because he used to say it has to be in a continuous development just like the Universe. Visitors are stimulated by all the inspirations around them and they can accomplish it in their mind.

In 1981 Tomaso Buzzi died and the Scarzuola passed to his nephew, Marco Solari, who made some interventions based on the original drawings; nowadays he is the owner but also the eccentric guide of this mystic place.

If you want to put yourself into play and try to open up your mind to something you don’t expect, you must booked the guided visit beforehand.

Practical information

Where to sleep? You can sleep in Todi, Città della Pieve or Orvieto. Take a look on

How to get there? The nearest railway station is in Fabro Scalo, but it will be better to arrive there by car.

How to book a tour? Calling this number 0039 331 6742260 on mondays, wednesdays and fridays from 9am to 1.30 pm. You can visit Scarzuola only by booking a guided tour (groups of at least 8 persons). It is possible to book a tour until 2 days before. Scarzuola is opened every day and the tour takes 2 hours. Tickets cost 10 € and it’s free for children until 12 years old.

Need further information? Send an email at


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