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Easter in Veneto_Fugassa

Veneto preserves particular traditions. Gallio, Fugassa and the cherry trees blossom are some of them

Veneto has always been a very religious region of Italy, even though it is placed in the North of the country.

Easter is a very particular period, full of ancient ryths and traditions. Moreover Easter is the right time of the year to admire spring blooming on the hills and mountains of Veneto.

Spending the Holy Week in one of hundreds of little villages of this region could be a wonderful idea both for your stomach and also for your mind and curiosity.

In the little village of Gallio, on Altopiano di Asiago, Friday before Easter is the day of the dark. Any light of the village will be turned off and, at sunset, the central streets will be lightened only by torches and fireplaces. All people will attend the Easter procession that will end in the main church of Gallio.

Religious feelings are at the base of the particular Easter recipes that can be found anywhere in Veneto. ‘Fugassa’ is the typical cake of this period. It is a very simple cake made of flour, eggs and a little bit of butter and it is inspiration of the commercial colomba that overcrowds Italian supermarkets during this weeks before Easter. Fugassa is an hymn to semplicity and duly respect to the religious rule imposed by the Bible: no one shall eat cakes during Lent. Actually, this cake is not sweet at all! It seems like someone forgot to put sugar inside. Its taste is so soft and reminds me of many afternoons spent with my grandma.

Easter in Veneto
Cherry trees blossoming is a great exhibition of Nature

Another tradition bond to Spring and Easter in Veneto concerns cherry trees.

Veneto is one of most important Italian region to produce high-quality cherries. As you know, Easter has not a fixed day and it happens that this period comes at the same time of cherry trees blossoming. Like it happens in Japan, countryside will be invaded by light pink petals. If Japan is too far and expensive, Veneto will be the right place to admire such a wonderful moment of Nature.

Easter could be the right moment to come here and know something more of a region like Veneto, than Verona or Venezia.

Explore the countryside and taste it!


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