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Islands off the coast of Sardinia

Discover with me because they worth a visit

Sardinia is surrounded by 5 major islands  and others smaller, belonging to its region, each with its own characteristics and unique peculiarities: the island of Sant’Antioco with its artificial isthmus, Asinara so called because of the presence of the famous white donkeys (‘asini‘, in Italian language), another one dedicated to Santo Pietro and its traditional tuna fishing, the Maddalena and Caprera islands.

The island of La Maddalena

This island, located in the province of Olbia-Tempio, in northern Sardinia, is part of the archipelago of the same name and is connected to the island of Caprera by an artificial isthmus. Here live nearly 11,000 people and its history is linked to celebrities such as Admiral Nelson, Napoleon Bonaparte, Giuseppe Garibaldi and so on.

To reach the island you need to go to the Port of Palau and take one of the ferries that daily cover the distance. The ferry takes about 30-40 minutes. You will arrive in La Maddalena town, on the southern coast of the island.

Its territory is well known for the beauty of its beaches and the clear waters and for the ancient granite processing.

In my opinion, the most beautiful beaches are Cala Francese, in the western area, and Cala Spalmatore, in the north-east, for the wonderful reflections of its pink-red sand.

The island of Caprera

Dominated by Mount Teialone, the island of Caprera is linked to the personality of the national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. In fact he lived his last years and died in his White House (i.e. Casa Bianca) on 2nd June 1882, sorrounded by the love of his sons and of his last wife Francesca Armosino. Today, his property is home to the museum dedicated to him, which is popular in every season.

If you go here for your holidays do not miss the Wreck Beach (Spiaggia del Relitto), which has nothing to envy to the Caribbeans.

5 things to do on the islands

  1. Wander around the area and enjoy the views from the top of the hills
  2. Do snorkelling and sailing activities
  3. Enjoy the fresh seafood and a drink in the town center
  4. Visit the Museum of Garibaldi
  5. Take a photo of  “the head of the octopus” (i.e. testa del polpo) on the beach of the same name.


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