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Autumn in Barbagia

With the project ‘Heart of Sardinia’ relive the traditions of a long time gone

Since 2001, in this period, you can take part in the event ‘Autumn in Barbagia“‘ that allows visitors to enjoy a unique experience through the alleys of the Barbagia.

The Barbagia is set up into 4 main parts:

  1. the Barbagia of Seulo,
  2. the Barbagia of Ollolai,
  3. the Barbagia of Belvì
  4. the Mandrolisai.

Each part belongs to the province of Nuoro.

In this area, which extends on the sides of the mountain range of Gennargentu, 27 villages relive the ancient customs of the community for the duration of a weekend in a mix of folklore, crafts, cuisine and culture.

The very first edition of this traditional event was the one organised in Oliena on 1996, that was known, at the time, as “Cortes Apertas” (open houses).

Generally the event starts in the first days of September in Bitti and ends in the half of December in Orune. In these days residents are engaged in the preparation of ancient craft shops and dishes of Sardinian cuisine and in the promotion of the territory by allowing tourists to peek into their homes furnished in Sardinian style and offering them guided tours and excursions.

Here, you can taste the famous nougat of Tonara, walk in the land of Mamuthones, visit the house where the writer Grazia Deledda (Nobel prize) was born in Nuoro, and witness the dressing of men and women with the ancient Sardinian costume.

Some of the special events of Autumn in Barbagia:

  • Experimental Archaeology Workshop in Teti
  • Courtyards open to visitors in Atzara
  •  Demonstration of how to make bread in Ovodda

On the website of the initiative, you can find the event schedule, divided by villages, the map of the area, a brief description of each destination, and lots of useful information to plan and enjoy your Sardinian holiday.


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