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November is a month full of travel for us.

If you think that you can travel in Italy just in Spring and Summer, you are wrong.

Maybe there are less sunny days than in the hotter seasons, but some places can be also attractive under the rain or with the fog. The Italian Storytellers will be in many Italian places in this month and we want to share our plans with you.

Silvia (Piemonte’s storyteller) and I will be in Calabria region till Sunday the 9th. We were invited to take part into a blog tour aiming to let us show the beauty of the Sila mountains. All the bloggers will arrive on Thursday the 6th in Calabria and after picking us up we will go to Camigliatello Silano, one of the ski destinations of the region. The day after we will leave to Cupone visiting the Park and the museum. We will have a break at a panoramic point, then we will visit Fossiata walking until Macchialonga and visiting the Natural Reserve of Golia Corvo. On the 3rd day another known destination will waiting for us, San Giovanni in Fiore to visit the Abbey. Later (la scuola dei tappeti di Caruso e la gioielleria Spadafora). It seems there is a typical jewels handmade production. So curios to see it! In the period of olives harvesting the Museum of the oil could be really interesting. In the 4th day Monaco and Taverna will be the last destinations. To follow us in these days you can search the hashtag #welikesila on the social networks.

After #welikesila blog tour I will leave to Florence for the BTC, a trade fair about business tourism. I will be there with Silvia again and after that she will head again to southern Italy. You can follow her if you want to discover the other side of Italy, Puglia. The area Silvia will visit is Salento, that is very famous especially in Italy for its sandy beaches, crystal clear water and peace.

On 12th and 13th Silvia (Liguria’s storyteller) will stay in Maremma, that is a wide geographical region including Tuscany and Lazio’s territories. It’s a rugged area with specific traditions and history.

On the 3rd week-end of November I will be in Umbria. The ‘Strada dell’Olio DOP Umbria’ organization invited me to #FrantoiAperti blog tour. Frantoi Aperti (i.e. Open olive-presses) is an event dedicated to the olive oil, as Umbria is one of the most important region for the olive oil production. Chiara (Marche’s storyteller) will be in Tuscany for a week-end. Destination: Lucca.

The last weekend of November Valentina (Friuli’s storyteller) will lead you until Trentino Alto Adige… what is she going to do there?

Follow us with the hashtag #ItaSontheroad. Are you ready to come with us?


I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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