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Winter in Lombardy

Lombardy in Winter

Winter activities for everyone in Lombardy region.

Winter might be boring for those who want to practice sports outdoor but can’t ski. This is not the case of Lombardy, where there are so many winter activities to devote to during the winter season that you’ll it difficult to choose among all the options.

Are you in Lombardy this winter? Are you looking for something new you haven’t experienced before? Here a few ideas for your sporty winter in Lombardy.

  1. Musher for a day with sled dogging
    Ever dreamt of being a musher for a day? In Lombardy you can enjoy the thrill of driving a sled driven by Siberian Husky dogs together with a professional trainer. In the Valtelline Valley and in the sky area of Ponte di Legno-Tonale are two centres open to everyone, that organize day trips for grown-ups and children. Just imagine how emotional it may be to slip in a nature totally white interacting with these extraordinary animals.
  2. Snow rafting also for babies
    With its many ski areas and ski slopes Lombardy is a great place for whose who love to have fun with the snow. An unusual activity, fit for everyone and also designed for children, is snow rafting, possible in Valtelline and in the Adamello ski area. Never heard of it? It’s a kind of snow tubing in which you sit or lay on a rubber boat and go down along snowy slopes. Fun is guaranteed.
  3. Nordic walking
    Nordic Walking was born in the Scandinavian countries, in extremely natural and ‘wild’ places. The trails and paths of Lombardy’s mountains are the ideal place to spend a day totally unique also in winter. The association Nordic Walking in Lombardy organizes courses and excursions by day and by night also during winter and also on the snow.
  4. Excursions by snowmobiles
    If you are looking for an unforgettable experience to live during winter in Lombardy you could try an excursion by snowmobile up to the 1,883 m of the Tonale Pass. Immersing yourself in the snow, through woods and groomed slope is a thrilling experience and a nice idea to spend a fun day of nature and fun.
  5. A day at the thermal baths
    If too much sport kills you, in Lombardy there’s another option you can’t but agree: a day at the spa. In the Lombardy there are many different spa and thermal baths, scattered everywhere in the region. During winter the best place to go to enjoy are the thermal baths of Bormio, comprised of 2 different spas, a modern center and ancient Roman baths. Recently opened, the thermal baths of San Pellegrino (, combining tradition and luxury, are on everyone’s lips.


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