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The pool of the Thermal Baths of Bormio in Lombardy

Where to relax in Lombardy?

Take a winter day. Cold outside, a pale grey sky above you, fog in the distance. It can be really hard to find a good reason to love winter but if you want to have one, well, I have an idea: go to Lombardy’s spa and thermal baths.

Autumn and winter are the best time of the year to enjoy the thermal experience and if you find yourself in Lombardy this time of the year, well, you’re in the right place.

There are various thermal water springs, with healthy and therapeutic properties, all acros the region, with a wide range of thermal baths to choose from, some of which are among the most renown spa centers in Italy.

The most famous is near Bormio, in the Valtelline Valley, where there are Bagni di Bormio and Bormio Terme. Bagni di Bormio is divided into 2 thermal centres – Bagni Nuovi (i.e. new baths) and Bagni Vecchi (i.e. old baths) – located in a stunning position along the road that takes up to the Stelvio Pass. The two spa centres consist of more than 30 spa treatments and facilities each (different types of sauna, Turkish baths, hot tubs, whirlpools) and outdoor panoramic pools. From the Roman baths to the Medieval grottos, a day there offers an amazing dive into the past.

Bormio Terme lies instead in the village, where besides wellness and spa facilities there is the complex dedicated to thermal cures. The healthy hot waters are adopted for inhalation treatments, balneotherapy, bathing and mud treatments, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The thermal baths of Boario Terme, in the Camonica Valley, is another must-do experience in Lombardy. With an experience of more than 150 years and the 5.000 massages performed every year, the medical healthy magnesium waters of Boario are well-known for their excellent therapeutic properties. Built towards the end of the XIX century, Boario Terme was a prestigious centre for Lombardy’s middle-class. There are 4 different springs and the waters are suitable for therapeutic applications as well as for care, prevention and rehabilitation. The spa treatments include 2 thermal and one external heated swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp pool, waterfalls and a large garden.

Sirmione, a beautiful holiday resort on Lake Garda, is another important thermal spa center in Lombardy. Its thermal baths are well-known for its precious healing powers. Two are the thermal centres:

  • Terme di Catullo with thermal swimming pool overlooking the lake and rehabilitation facilities;
  • Terme di Virgilio, a modern centre especially used for mud therapy, massages and the treatment of vascular and dermatologic disorders.

Among Italy’s most important thermal centers there is also Salice Terme, well-known for its excellent waters and for being a lovely tourist destination, not far from Pavia. Its waters are rich in minerals: the abundance of hydrogen sulphide is particularly useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases and for the preparation of highly mineralized mud baths. The thermal baths of Salice Terme include also a spa center for massages and anti-stress treatments.

Last but not least it’s worth mentioning San Pellegrino, a village in the Brembana Valley, in the province of Bergamo. San Pellegrino is probably the name of the most famous water in the world, whose spring is right here. Until the beginning of the XX century San Pellegrino was a famous holiday resort attended by the middle class coming from all over Europe: there was a Casino and a Grand Hotel, a wonderful Art Nouveau seven-floor building. After remaining closed for many years now San Pellegrino thermal baths was re-launched: at the beginning of Dicember the new exclusive thermal centre, with panoramic pools, sauna, waterfalls, massage treatments and much more, was officially opened and every indication is that they will amazing.


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