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Every April 28, the Sardinian people celebrating this special day. Discover what it is!

Every year, since 1993, Sa Sa die de Sardigna (the day of Sardinia) is celebrated on April 28, to commemorate the uprising of the revolutionary movements against the Piedmontese viceroy Balbiano, for political and economic reasons, which occurred in 1794. Balbiano and other Savoy officials were forced to leave Cagliari and to come back to the Italian peninsula. This celebration has become “National Day of the Sardinian people“.

For the occasion, the schools remain closed and in major cities several events, related to the holiday, are organized. For example in Cagliari, a historical representation is staged and a formal sitting of the Regional Council is held.

You can also take part into historical conventions, debates, concerts, folk performances and much more on April 28, to celebrate the Sardinian people.

The party strays beyond the shores of the island, in fact in Sardinians clubs, created by migrants living outside Sardinia, April 28 is an occasion to celebrate and to feel close to the homeland.

The Sardinian Hymn

At the time of the Vespri Sardi (the revolutionary movements) was also born the famous Sardinian hymn, titled ‘Su patriottu sardu a sos feudatarios’ (The Sardinian Patriot to feudal lords), also known as “Procurade ‘e moderare”, written by the magistrate Francesco Ignazio Mannu. The contents of the manuscript are anti-feudal and anti-Piedmontese, they came to light in the city of Sassari between 1794 and 1796.

John Warre Tyndale was in 1849 the author of the first English translation of this hymn, which is included in his work The Island of Sardinia.


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