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Welcome to Italy Deyse

Deyse and her ‘Passeiosnatoscana’

In January I had the pleasure to interview a friend of mine: she is Maria Pasquale, founder of HeartRome. She comes from Australia. I met her in a blog tour 2 years ago. In the same group of bloggers there was Deyse Ribeiro.

It is too funny to talk with her because her language is a mixture of Italian, Brazilian and Tuscan dialect. She is a professional tourist guide in Pisa and in Florence for Brazilians.

Let’s see which are the answers she gave to me.


1) Talk us about you

I’m Brazilian living in Italy since 2008. I’m a tourist guide since 2011 and I opened my blog in 2013.


2) Why did you move to Italy?

For love. I was studying in Portugal when I met my future husband. After a year and a half I moved to Pisa.


3) Which are the reasons why Brazilians have to come to Italy once in their life?

First of all for the cultural and art heritage that no country in the world has. Many Brazilians visit Italy also because their origins are Italian.


4) Which advice would you like to give to Brazilians on holiday in our country?

I suggest that they travel not only to the most famous Italian cities, but also that they visit little hamlets to know the real Italian lifestyle, tasting the typical local dishes, visiting the little wine cellars, the beaches and venturing out. Because Italy has so many sites that I have never enough to discover them in every travel I do.

Another advice is to find a professional tourist guide to see not only the artworks and the cities, but also to understand better the history of the visited places.


5) What do they have to avoid to visit and why?

Brazilians have to pay attention to what they buy in the souvenir shops. I see many shops selling cheap products with a low quality, which actually are not Italian.


6) Which is your favourite Italian dish?

It’s hard to say. I love polenta with boar meat, the cecina and a good pappa al pomodoro (a typical Tuscan dish).


7) Which is your favourite Italian place?

The hills in Val d’Orcia.


8) Why did you create “Passeiosnatoscana”?

Because I would like to make the region where I live (Tuscany) known to the Brazilians and telling it from a point of view of a Brazilian.


9) What do you think about Pisa?

It’s a wonderful city to live where you can find art, culture and, thanks to the University, a multicultural environment. This is what I like most. There is always a mix of people, languages and diversities.


10) Now you live in Italy. Will you go back to Brazil one day?

Twice a year I fly to Brasil to see my family and my friends. But now I’m raising a new family here and my job is here, I don’t think I will come back to Brazil. My heart is in Italy.

However I will always be a Brazilian girl with an Italian heart.



I'm a Italy lover, mom of two, living in central Italy and I love travelling. I have a degree in Tourism economics and management and now I'm a consultant helping businesses working in tourism.

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